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Why I love photography
Monday, July 29, 2013  |  1:21 AM  |  0 said
Once when I applied for the university, most of the choices are about media creation. Photography is one of my favourite hobbies since I was young . Someone may ask why I have to bother in taking photos instead of having deep memories in my heart . However, composing memory is not that easy. Every time I dag out the photographs that I have taken, I could renew my memories once. Photography builds my personalities, helps me to confront with time, and views the world in details.First of all, most photographers are very handsome . I have noticed that photographers do always hold a heavy camera with several lenses in their bags, wear wet t-shirts and a cap to fight against sunshine. They looked professional and smart. I was a part-time photographer during my semmester break. At that time, I concerned about my appearance very much. I wanted to buy the most expensive camera and lens so that my client could sense my professionalism. However, my senior, Saiful Nang  told me that there is no sense to become a great photographer based on your equipment. He emphasized that photo taking is a job that trains your responsibility. Photography somehow is an art creation. You have to suit your clients’ expectation, but clients at the same time are hoping for surprise. Therefore, doing photography enables me to become responsible and creative   .In addition, photography helps me to confront with time. It could capture the moment that I wish it to be forever. Throughout the growing stages of my life, I found that human memory is not reliable at all. Malaysia people are busy, and also lazy. We are too busy to figure out what our life is going on and we are too lazy to reconstruct the scene from our memories. However, there is no time constraint in photography. Once I have pressed the shutter, the photo belongs to me forever. Whenever I am tired, I could always read the smile from the photos. Every time when my world is losing hope, I could revive myself with my dreams within the photos. Photography is somehow a method to take me away from the nasty and put me back to the reality with a purer mind.Last but not least, photography enables me to observe the world with details.  When I take photos, I have to focus on the viewfinder or the screen of my phone, and then press the shutter. Throughout the process of getting and deciding the focus, I would get the chance to view this world in a different way. Like when I am waiting to cross the road, I would basically watch the traffic light or just play with my smart phone . However, with a camera, I may make the focus on the car front light, or the pedestrians on the opposite side. These are the things that never come to my focus when I am going with my busy life . Photography certainly helps to slower down my life pulse and gives a chance for me to observe the world again.
All in all, photography is maybe a very time consuming and exorbitant hobby but it changes my life. It builds my personalities, helps me to confront with time and view the world with details. Developing a hobby is very important because it can help you to release your pressures in daily life .  At the same time, it can always accompany you along your growing stages. I found photography to be one of my favourite hobbies, and I would definitely stick with it. 

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